tl;dr: Tired of not finishing personal projects, I want to start and finish something every week or so. This blog was my first project and is how I’ll try to organize my future ones.

I’m Slim, I was born in 1995.

I’m a video-editor and motion-designer (I also stream on Twitch). I love playing video-games, thanks to my family I was introduced very early to the Super-Nintendo and computers. I always wanted to make my own games because of that.

I always had various simple blogs, Youtube channels and podcasts.

But only recently decided to start studying the Unity engine, Godot, Unreal and other game making platforms to make my own video-games. That’s how I found out I needed, and wanted, to learn how to code. Not only needed to understand coding better to create my games, but that became the part that I most care about.

The game making tutorials made me realize that making a video-game is the same thing as building a toy, and the code is how the different pretty pieces combine together.

Making an ugly and boring toy is easy, but to make a toy that has pretty pieces and is fun to play with is where the magic is for me. And that is how I started learning C#-script for Unity on begginer tutorials, that introduced me to programming.

As I got more comfortable with how code works, I installed Linux-Mint on the notebook I code and study with. That opened even more doors… Learning better how the operating system works, how to use it in the ways I need, this website being an example, and got me interested in Open-Source software, ethical-hacking and Python language.

There are a lot of big and small projects and prototypes that I want to try and finish. It’s very hard to keep studying, working and finish personal projects at the same time. This blog exists to share and organize fun nerdy stuff that results along the way.

The objective is to start and finish a new small project every week or so, using only free and (if possible) Open-Source software, and share the progress and results here. Anything fun to make or study on a computer counts! Like code a simple program, make video-games, create 2D art, 3D modeling, creating AI prompts, music projects, wallpapers… Basically any type of digital art.

So we could consider this website as my first official project made from scratch (kinda). Even using so called “Themes” in Hugo, It was not a small project and it didn’t result in a super exciting blog post, but it was worth it for this one. As it is the base where all the upcoming projects and even past projects will be shared.

And come on… If I can’t create my own website from scratch (kinda) on a new operating system, what can I do? Programming is all about problem solving, and learning how to solve it better and better. I’m pretty sure I can create a website in less time now because of this project. Maybe even teach how I did it on a future post.

I hope something along the way will be useful, inspiring or fun to you.

Feel free to reach me out on Twitter or e-mail.